Happy National Empanada Day!

Happy National Empanada Day! 

This morning, in honor of the holiday, National Empanada Day, I decided to make some empanadas.  In deciding what kind to make I considered all the different kinds I could make.  There are sweet, desserty empanadas like fruit filled empanadas.  That would be good for breakfast, but lack of planning on my part left me with no fresh fruit for that option. 

Then there are the savory empanadas, like beef filled, chicken filled or even cheese filled.  I decided on turkey filled because using ground turkey is similar to ground beef, and I like to save my red meat for steaks and roasts.  I always substitute ground turkey for ground beef, mostly because it's just the healthier option.

Click here for my Easy Turkey Empanada Recipe .

Happy National Empanada Day!


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