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It’s All About the Baste

Recently I’ve decided to expand on my culinary techniques in that I’ve decided to start smoking meat.No, it isn’t a new drug craze, I mean I’m going to start cooking meat in a smoker.Of course when I told my “literal” wife and children that for practice I was going to start smoking a meat a day they got great joy from it.“Dad is going to start smoking meat!”, “A meat a day is good Dad, keep the dose low to start!”, and my favorite from my wife when I said I was starting with pork butt, “Just say no to ‘crack’!”

Comedian family aside, I did indeed start with a pork butt.I don’t have a smoker yet but I do have a gas grill. Now I know that smoking on a gas grill is not optimal, but you have to use what you have and this is how I did it.I took a small chafing dish aluminum pan and poke several holes in the bottom.After soaking my wood chips for 30 minutes I drained and transferred the wood chips to the pan with the holes.I then placed the pork butt, in this case, all the way to one side of…