A Small Feet

                Let me begin with a definition, courtesy of Google search:


A sneakerhead is a person who collects, trades or admires sneakers as a form of hobby. A sneakerhead may also be highly experienced in distinguishing between real and fake replica sneakers.


Now I’ll try to explain.

My delicate flower Cheddar Buns is starting her freshman year of High School.   My oldest son, Sourdough, is now a senior in High School.  Being the experienced High Schooler, he is often giving my daughter, as well as the younger boys advice and information he believes will be useful to them when they enter the hallowed halls of our local High School.

                Last night at dinner the topic of discussion was social groups found in the school.  Many, actually most, of which I can say I’ve never heard of.  After describing some I was able to pick out some people I know that qualify as members in a few of the groups.  What I was surprised to find was that even I apparently belong in one of the groups.  It would seem that, according to my son, I am a sneakerhead.

                Now I am the type of guy that, when someone asks me “Do you like these shoes?”, I usually answer with something like “Well they cover your feet so I guess they’re ok.”, or some other semi-sarcastic remark.  In recent years, however, I have come to favor minimalist shoes.  For those of you that don’t know what a minimalist shoe is, first I’m sorry you don’t know, and second they are running shoes that are light, flexible, and almost make you feel like you are barefooted.  Some are actually called barefoot shoes.

                Back to my sneakerhead “lable”.  Being a member of the elder set, I had never heard the term sneakerhead much less know the definition so I asked for an explanation.  “A sneakerhead is someone that obsesses over sneakers, Dad” said Sourdough.  “I don’t obsess over sneakers.” I said.  “Seriously Dad?  You were looking at sneakers on your phone in the restaurant the other night.” he said.  O.K. so I can see how it would APPEAR I’m obsessing over sneakers but in all honesty I just like comfy kicks.

                Finally Sticky Buns, my  11 year old, says “A sneakerhead is someone that buys new sneakers all the time but don’t like to get them dirty, like my friend Aidan.  We were playing soccer once and Aidan was all upset because he couldn’t play because he didn’t want to get his sneakers dirty.  I said to him “Hello, that’s the point.  You get sneakers so you DON’T GET YOUR FEET DIRTY!”” 
                You just can’t argue with that kind of logic.


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