What Should I Wear For Dinner?

Everyone knows that kids see everything.  Everyone also knows that kids say the darndest things, usually referring to something they have observed or heard.  Well let me tell you a secret, My kids are no different.
     My Beautiful Wife, who has graduated College, raised four lovely children and can perform logistical miracles with a school calendar, has yet to perfect the eating technique which will allow her to complete a full week of dinners without getting something on her shirt.  Fortunately, she has enough children to keep track of her every missed morsel.
     Recently, while enjoying a dinner of something particularly messy, or food at least, My Beautiful Wife was once again surprised to find that some morsel had found its way onto her shirt.  Sticky Buns, my youngest, without looking up from his plate said, "It isn't dinner until Mom spills food on her shirt."
     So to answer that age old question, "What should I wear for dinner?", might I suggest spaghetti?


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