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It’s Not Spoiled, Now Eat Your Mush

The lady from The Little Rascals would have had a field day with me.There are really only two things in the culinary world that scare me.  One, believe it or not, is mayonnaise.  The other, that some may say is just as strange, is leftovers.  I’ll speak more about the mayonnaise thing in another post, so for now let’s focus on the un-fresh. There are very few things I will eat as leftovers.  By leftovers I mean anything that is prepared, or even just opened, and then put in the refrigerator.  The list of things I will eat as leftovers looks like this: Spaghetti sauce (I make my own sauce, never from a jar) Chili That’s about it.  I don’t even like to make salad with lettuce that has spent the night in the fridge.  I literally go to the store every day for my produce.  It’s a constant source of abuse from most of my friends, and the family even gets their shots in on occasion. For instance, last week at dinnertime, which always starts with salad, I asked my youngest son to pass me the …