The Joy Of Christmas

As I’ve aged, I have come to view the holiday’s in a different light from when I was a child.  As a child, I can remember the wonder of Christmas.  Decorating the tree, putting on my special Christmas pajamas, the snow covered ground(there was always snow at Christmas), and I swear to this day I actually heard Santa’s sleigh bells one year.
Now, as a parent, I see Christmas as crowded shopping malls, traffic preventing me from getting to work, decorating, though the feelings about decorating have changed from my childhood days, and the snow on the ground is not a reason to celebrate.  I’m not, by any means, a bah humbug kind of guy.  I just have a more grown up outlook on the holiday season.

That is why, especially during the holidays, I am happy to be a parent.  Children remind you about the things Christmas were when you were a child.  They remind you that decorating can be fun, and tell you how good it looks when it’s done.  They remind you that the snow isn’t just a road hazard, but an opportunity to build a snowman, go sledding, or have the all – important,  everyone against Dad snowball fight. 
Then on Christmas morning, when they see the tree in all it’s decorated glory, presents under and around, and the plates of Santa’s half-eaten cookies; when they see the statue of little baby Jesus in the manger and wish him Happy Birthday,  that is when, at least for me, my childhood Christmas returns.  That is when I most feel the joy of Christmas.  Opening the gifts, that is just a bonus.  Of course the kids are happy when they open gifts, but for me, it pales in comparison to the first sight of the Christmas tree.

You see, in the HB household, Santa Claus decorates the tree, so my children get the first glimpse of a decorated Christmas tree as they enter the living room on Christmas morning.  And that is the joy and wonder that takes me back.

I would like to close with a little anecdote.  This year on Christmas morning,  Mini Buns was emptying his stocking when he exclaimed with general enthusiasm, “YES! I got Energizer batteries!”  I replied, “That’s great Babe, do you need batteries?”  He said “I actually don’t know if I need them.”  A short time later he returns to the kitchen and says “Dad, it turns out I don’t need the batteries…..BUT THEY’RE ENERGIZER MAX BATTERIES!”

My true meaning of Christmas is my family.  I hope you all enjoyed your true meaning of Christmas.


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