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It’s A Nice place To Visit

I have four wonderful children, as you may have read.I have three boys and in the middle of them somewhere I have one daughter.Anyone that has multiple children, and based on familial experience this is exacerbated by sheer number, they WILL fight.Yell, scream, throw things, “that’s mine”, “will you stop touching me?”, “you’re a stinky poopy head”, “stop copying me”….you get the point.

Well my children don’t fight.They don’t do any of the things I described in the previous sentences.In fact, my house is so calm I am constantly looking for stimulation.

Ok, that’s not entirely true, or even remotely true.My children wake up scrapping.Any time they are in the room together there is a battle.When they are not in the room together they all get bored out of their respective minds.“Where is everyone? I’m bored.”Then the siblings return and the MMA match begins again.

The other day, Brötchen was sitting at the table with Mini Buns talking about places they would like to go.My 10 year old starts…