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Here's Looking At You, Kid

When Cheddar Buns went for her annual physical recently, the Doctor noticed something when she took her eye test. He noticed that she either:
a) Forgot to open her eyes for the test
b) Never ate a carrot in her life, or
c) didn't study

I'm sorry, just kidding. She did, however, fail her eye test. As a consolation prize she got to take a trip..... to "see" the eye doctor.

As a father I sometimes worry about my children and their popularity. I'm not sure why I worry about it, I wasn't popular and look how great I turned out. Cheddar Buns' idea of popular is different from a lot of people. She truly likes, and tries to help, everyone. It never mattered to her what clique other kids were in or who they liked, she is friends with someone from all of the cliques.

When My Beautiful Wife told me that my Princess got glasses and texted the picture to me popularity never crossed my mind.My mother in law said to me, “I hope the kids at school don’t tease her.”I then …