Tell Us What You Really Think

A few nights ago at dinner the family conversation turned to the upcoming school year.  Sour Dough, being the high school teen that he is, refuses to eat breakfast.  His reasons vary from "I have to get up too early", to "I'm not hungry in the morning", to "There's nothing to eat."

My Beautiful Wife and I were explaining the importance of a good breakfast. We told him how his body needs nourishment and his brain needs fuel and all of the other reasons we all know as to why we have to eat breakfast.  Sour Dough knows this already because he is actually a very intelligent young man.  Oh yea, and because he's a teenager and they know everything.

As the conversation progressed the old, "There isn't anything to eat for breakfast.", excuse reared it's ugly head.  My Beautiful Wife said "What about a banana and a Boost?" referring to the nutrition shakes that we always have on hand.  "I can't eat a banana and drink a boost. It makes me nauseous."  "What about frozen pancakes or waffles?" someone asked.  "They take to long to cook." he said.  That much is true.  Have you ever microwaved pancakes before? It takes many minutes!

Finally Mini Buns turns to him and asks, "What about Cheerio's?"  Sour Dough, not being a fan of cereal, replied "Cheerio's are flavorless and disgusting."  To which Mini Buns called out, "Um no, YOU are flavorless and disgusting!".


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