"Squashing" Another Myth

Zucchini used to be one of those veggies that I just had no desire to eat.  It was nothing more to me than that annoying mushy green half moon thingy in my “seasonal vegetables” at the restaurant.  Recently, I have developed an appetite for zucchini and I’ve been trying all sorts of ways to cook it.

The other day a friend of mine told me about zucchini “boats”.  He told me that it was originally a Weight Watchers recipe, though he had prepared a different variation.  So, that very night I googled “zucchini boats”, and made my own version of a Zucchini Boat . 
The great thing about the Zucchini Boat is you can use whatever you want for a filler.  While I chose to use veggies, my friend stuffed his with ground chicken and cheese.  The possibilities are endless, from super healthy to super decadent. 
I have prepared zucchini in other ways as well: I've brushed sliced zucchini with olive oil and grilled it,  I've sauted zucchini chunks with onion, I've even breaded and fried it like I would eggplant.  It is delicious no matter what I do to it.
Hopefully this will "squash" the mushy myth about Squash, or at least zucchini. 

Feel free to comment with your own ideas for zucchini, I'm always looking for new ideas!


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