Give Peas A Chance

Last Sunday, like every Sunday, the family and I attended church services. As a parent you hope that the children are paying attention and getting the message being delivered by the Clergy.  Apparently, on this particular Sunday, at least one message made it through loud and clear.

We happen to be of the Catholic Faith, and for those of you not familiar with Catholic Mass proceedings, there is a time during the Mass when you offer those around you the sign of peace. I would never have guessed that this is the part of the Mass that would make it home.

That night I had no specific plan for dinner, so, as dangerous as this could be, I asked the children what they would like for dinner. It's dangerous because I usually get four different answers from four different kids and none are remotely compatible with the others. Nevertheless I asked and was pleasantly surprised when two of them asked for Pork tenderloin with rice. My wife had picked up some baby Lima beans the day before and I decided they would go nicely with the tenderloin.

The vegetable, as far as the kids are concerned, doesn't matter too much. Sourdough and Sticky Buns are the only ones that actually like vegetables. The others are only going to eat the contracted minimum. Hey, 50% vegetable eaters is a pretty good ratio I think.

As we were eating dinner we had our usual conversations, bantering, and craziness. Sticky Buns begins dishing out his Baby Lima beans and says "I'm not going to eat the little ones." I remind him that they are "BABY" limas and that they are all little ones. But he was focused on the task at hand, and as he sorted out the little Lima beans he said aloud,

 "Grant us PEAS".


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