Can You Say Word Association?

Tonight at dinner we had a great example of some of the craziness that takes place around our table.  A simple thing like knocking over a glass of milk can turn into a psychologist’s dream session.

My youngest, Sticky Buns, knocked over his glass spilling a few drops of milk onto the table.  For some reason when any of our children knock over a glass or spill anything, you would think that they had just caused a nuclear spill to rival Chernobyl, based on their reaction.  It has always been that way, ever since those little Buns came out of the oven(so to speak).

So, as Sticky Buns is wiping up the few droplets that had hit the table, I made the comment, “Don’t cry over spilt milk.”  Mini Buns, my 10 year old, followed that immediately with, “But if it’s wine, you should whine.  That’s what Oma says.”  “Oma says the Campbell ghost spills your wine.”

Brȍtchen, my Mother-in-law, often regales us with stories of her family ghost, The Campbell ghost, knocking pictures off of walls, walking around the house making noise, and things of that nature.  Spilling wine was one I hadn’t heard before.

After Mini Buns came out with the Campbell ghost theory, Sticky Buns responded, “Yeah! It was the cannibal ghost!”

Cheddar Buns, my too bright for her own good - 12 year old, followed instantly with, “The Donners!”

Not to be outdone and figuring this to be an exercise in say the first thing that comes into your head, Sticky Buns countered with………


Merry Christmas to all and, I hope they give group rates.


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