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Matt Damon Told My Kids There Is No Easter Bunny

There are a lot of traditions at the HB household. One of those time honored traditions is the Christmas Eve movie outing with Daddy and the kids. Every Christmas Eve I take my four wonderful and innocent young children to the movies allowing my Beautiful wife time to "reflect" on the Spirit of Christmas, and perhaps catch up on some last minute Christmas details.

    Before I get deeper into this story I would like to state that my wife and I are firm believers in the MPAA rating system. Although mostly skewed and lacking basis for their rating decision, it is a good reference point when looking for a movie for your children. You can rest assured, however, that if the movie got a PG-13 instead of a PG, someone at the MPAA was going down kicking and screaming. It only stands to reason that if you lower the rating, you are making the movie available to that many more people.

    Another, and in my opinion better, reference point for movie selection is Common Sense …