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An Old Eating Injury

This year My Beautiful wife and I took the kiddies to Nanny and Grandma's house for Thanksgiving. Nanny and Grandma have a beautiful, new, extra large kitchen that we all (including the children) cooked Thanksgiving dinner in. We ate, were merry, and on Black Friday we drove home.

The visit could not have been nicer, the food could not have been better. The only problem was, when you eat Thanksgiving dinner at someone else's house, there are no leftovers.

My Beautiful wife loves Thanksgiving leftovers so I decided that when we got home I would make a smaller version of Thanksgiving dinner so we could have leftovers. On the following Sunday I went to the local warehouse club, the grocery stores, everywhere I could think of to find a turkey to make for Leftover dinner. Lo and behold, there was not a turkey to be found. It was like they all flew the coop. I mean for crying out loud if I want a pumpkin after Halloween, I'll find one somewhere. If I want a Chris…