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Family Day

While speaking with my Beautiful wife the other day she happened to mention to me that Monday, September 26th , was Family Day. Having never heard of it I asked her what it was, and she gave me a brief rundown as she knew it. Basically, it is a call to families to sit at the dinner table and share a meal together.

I'm actually being blasé blah about what it really is, partly because we do this every day, and partly because I think it's sad that families have to be reminded to spend time together. The fact of the matter is the CASA Family Day is about so much more than the simple explanation I gave, and I applaud them for it. Family Day - A Day to Eat Dinner with Your ChildrenTM is an initiative that was started 10 years ago informing parents that something as simple as eating dinner with your kids can help keep them drug and alcohol free.

CASA, or The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, maintains a website that is loaded with information…