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America’s Favorite Passed-Time

Baseball. Everyone has a favorite team or player. As a matter of fact, in our house there is a rivalry over two teams. We are New Yorkers and New York has two baseball teams. Two of my boys, Sour Dough and Mini Buns are fans of rival New York teams; Mini Buns loves the METS and Sour Dough is and always has been a Yankees Fan through and through.

Last night we got tickets to the METS game vs. the Florida Marlins at Citi Field. It was the first time the whole family actually got to go to a game together and we had a great time. After the game though was the memory I will hold onto. The METS comeback from behind to win will fade from my thoughts. The three major plays that David Wright made to save the game (in my opinion) will disappear from my memory. But the way that EVERY one of the METS filed out of Citi Field with Mini Buns pleading for any one of them to sign his METS book, and walking straight past him getting into their cars and driving away, I'm saving that memory.

After th…