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The Perfect Storm

This past weekend we on the east coast had to endure a little storm, her name was Irene. Irene made a run up the east coast and took dead aim at our home state of New York. She wasn't aiming at my family or my home, but she was getting a little close for comfort.

In the front yard of the Hotbuns residence there is a tree. Not a small tree. In fact it is a very, very large tree. That very, very large tree is a Tulip Tree which I have estimated to be in excess of 75 feet tall. Our very, very tall 75+ feet of Tulip Tree also happens to be on the deader side of dying. That is not the only very large tree in close proximity to the Hotbuns residence either. We have Oak trees, and Maple trees and if I look hard enough in the back I'm pretty sure I can find a Sequoia or a Redwood. O.K. I exaggerated there a little.

Having grown up in New Orleans I am no stranger to hurricanes. I've seen firsthand the devastation they can cause and with the Redwoods and Sequoias in the yard there w…