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Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Belly

When I was just a wee tot, or as I like to say, Knee High To A Grasshopper, one of my favorite people in all the world was my Pop-Pop, or as you may call yours, my Grandfather. My Pop-Pop used to tell the best stories, the best jokes, and had all the best (and most creative) sayings.

One of his favorite sayings, and subsequently one of my favorite sayings, was "Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Belly", which meant you took more food than you could eat. The saying was meant to be half-hearted and somewhat funny but make no mistake, Pop-Pop did not take lightly to wasting food.

As we got older, him a little faster than me, I called him Pop instead of the earlier Pop-Pop. I guess as he got older he just lost some of his pop. He did not however, lose his sense of humor, and Pop lived to the ripe old age of 92.

The reason for that little anecdote was so I could establish my thought process for the story that follows.

The other night for dinner I made one of the family favorites, Pasta w…