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Anchors Aweigh

Last weekend Mini Buns, Sticky Buns and I went on an overnight camping trip with the Scout troop to Battleship Cove in Fall River, Massachusetts. Battleship Cove is located on Mount Hope Bay directly under the I195 bridge. Though many of the other scouts in the troop had gone before, this was our first time attending the overnight camping trip.We knew we would be spending the night on the Battleship USS Massachusetts, but we honestly had no idea what to expect. We were greeted at the gate and escorted into the belly of the ship, down corridors, past the galley, to our sleeping quarters, which were bunks stacked 4 high, suspended from the ceiling on the equivalent of swingset chains. At first glance you can't help but to wonder if the chains will support the weight of 4 boys, let alone 4 full grown men. (In my case a little more than full grown)

Our bunk room was air conditioned, which was a good thing because the near 90 degree temperatures outside were multiplied inside the ship. …