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The Secret Ingredient

A few weeks back the temperature outside soared to near 100 degrees.  It was actually too hot to grill outside, AND too hot to cook inside.  It was a perfect day for Chinese takeout.

My children are very particular about what Chinese food they eat, usually opting for wonton soup, ribs, and rice.  My Beautiful Wife and I eat pretty much what the kids want, but we also get eggrolls.

I like to use soy sauce on my eggroll while My Beautiful Wife prefers duck sauce.

Sticky Buns was enjoying his ribs when my wife asked for a packet of duck sauce.  He turned to her and asked "Mom, what do they put in duck sauce?". My Beautiful Wife replied that she wasn't sure, but she thought maybe it was orange based.

"Oh", he replied.

Watching him we could see that he was still thinking about it, when My Beautiful Wife, without looking up from her eggroll, said, "No honey, there isn't any duck in it." His face visibly eased from the strain of thought, and without los…