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Conversation Vs. Demonstration

In the HB house we almost always start dinner the same way. We all sit at the table, we join hands for grace, say amen together and dig in. I would like to particularly point out the part where I said sit at the table because usually that is the last time everyone is sitting voluntarily.

My Beautiful Wife and I like to start off with a round of "how was your day" to each of the children followed by an attempt at a civilized conversation. Typically, this ends with the adults completely frustrated and no meaningful conversation had by anyone. This is not meant to sound like a bad thing, kids apparently just aren't built for conversation.

After a few tries at drawing out factual information, we lose all hope of such an accomplishment as the children begin to morph into, well, little me's. I am self diagnosed, and My Beautiful Wife agrees, with adult onset ADD. As a matter of fact most of the people in my life agree. For some reason, and I can only assume it's…