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Cinco De Mayo Es Numero Uno

Before you all get excited about the multi-lingual post let me warn you; most of the words I use outside of the English language don't even qualify as real words. I am one of those people that takes the English word and makes it whatever language I am trying to get across by adding or subtracting letters and I find that faking the accent doesn't hurt either.

    I was unfortunate growing up, in the fact that I was not required to take a second language in high school. Spanish was offered in my school but since I grew up in the sticks, as they say, I didn't see much use for it. Flash forward to many years to count and I wish I had taken Spanish. Ay Caramba!

The good news is you don't have to speak the language to eat the food, or cook it for that matter. I mean you could feasibly have a problem if the recipe is written in a foreign language, so watch out for that. Recipe language barriers aside, I find that cooking Mexican food is quite simple. I also find that making…