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Steak Testing Day

Yesterday, like every school day, I picked my three youngest children up from school (O.K. sometimes My Beautiful Wife picks them up). As I walked into the pick-up room I asked the usual question; Do you have any homework? My wife and I have to ask that question or inevitably someone forgets a book, homework packet, assignment book, etc., etc. To my surprise the two older kids jumped out with a resounding “Nope, tomorrow is steak testing!”

I know what you are all thinking, typo. Nope, not a typo at all. You see, in the HB household we have a tradition that began way back when Sour Dough was just beginning his schooling. On the morning of the big exams I would make him a steak for breakfast, for protein. Protein gives your brain a little boost and a little boost in brain power is especially good if you are taking a big test.

If you ask most children what is the most stressful and un-fun part of school they will probably tell you test taking. I never knew a child to look forward to tak…