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A Sophisticated Palate

Yesterday was "National Bring Your Kid To Work Day" and because my children have planned out who goes to work with me through the youngest turning 18, I naturally took Mini Buns because it was his turn.  He has been looking forward to this day since I told him the date a few months ago.  I have been bombarded with the "how many more days?" and the "can I stay home from school that day?" since the day I mentioned it.

At the beginning of the week it was a little iffy whether he would be able to go.  I work at a sensitive job and the rules on visitors change like the weather.  After much debate, and the fact that I was the only one out of about 200 people asking to bring their child, my boss gave me the ok.  I was glad too, because that would not have been an easy let-down.

Initially when Mini Buns found out I was working an evening shift he started asking if he was still going to get a day off from school.  I surely thought there would be an issue when he f…