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Are You Smarter Than A Cheese Grater?

I may have or may not have mentioned before that most of my favorite kitchen utensils are knives. Not just any knives mind you, but specifically Henckel's knives.

I actually prefer to cut, chop and dice everything by hand. My favorite knife is my 10" Henckel's Twin Select chef's knife. I've had this knife for a little over two years and it's probably the best kept tool in my arsenal.

I find that the trick to keeping a knife at it's peak performance is care and sharpening, lots of sharpening. My usual modus operandi is to sharpen it with a hand sharpener when I put it away, and hone it on the sharpening steel when I take it out. Like the samurai I only take out my knife when I plan to use it, so there isn't any unnecessary sharpening going on.

It is a proven fact that more people are injured using a dull knife than a sharp one because you have to work harder with a dull knife. The same can not be said for the cheese grater, my nemesis in the kitchen.…