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This Is Gonna Hurt Me More Than It's Gonna Hurt You

As a parent there are few things that can compare to the feeling of helplessness and sorrow that is accompanied with your children and medical procedures. Yesterday morning my wife and I had the daunting task of taking our two younger boys ages 7 and 9 for tonsillectomies. Now I know that this is one of those so called "routine" procedures, but when someone is about to remove a part of your child there is nothing "routine" about it.

We started easing the boys into it: "You'll get to stay home from school for a whole week." we told them. "You can have all of the ice cream and jello that you want!" we said. Come to think of it what kind of idiot tries to entice someone with jello?? Oh well, let's move on.

We arrived at the hospital for the ambulatory, routine procedure where a person is going to go into the deepest regions of my children and start taking out pieces. As soon as I entered the hospital my heart started palpitating and the…