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It’s Easy Being Green

Out of respect for my dear wife I won't tell you how long ago, but a little more than a few years ago I met this wonderful girl of Irish-German descent. Being a young boy from, as my oldest son refers to the place of my upbringing, the hills, I had never celebrated St. Patrick's day. Honestly, I didn't know what corned beef was much less had I eaten it.
That all changed when I met this girl. It just so happens that we started "going steady" on March 8th, just 9 days shy of St. Patrick's Day. I would also like to add that in all of my years, and there have been a lot of them, I have never met anyone that loves to celebrate like my beautiful wife. That first St. Patrick's day I was put on the back burner by my new girlfriend for Corned Beef and Cabbage.
"Corned beef and cabbage?" I thought to myself. "What am I getting myself into?" I thought.
Fast forward one year. I had been fortunate enough to meet my current extended family, aka the in-…