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And Now For Something Completely Diffe-rant

I know that the general theme of this blog is dinner and the goings on associated with that particular time of the day, but I have to deviate from that theme today to discuss another of my favorite pastimes, movies. Not just movies, but the intricacies of movie watching in a house where the ages range from 7 all the way to my middleagedness.

My wife and I are rather strict when it comes to things we actually have control over. For instance, if a video game is rated mature, then my children of 7 through 13 can't play it. If a movie is rated PG-13, then my 13 year old can watch it, but the other 3 kids can't. It's a tough rule but, as my wife says, the movie industry fights as hard as it can to get a lower rating, so there is a good chance some of the material in a movie may be a little more mature than expected in those PG-13 movies.

Now for the case in point. Last night we rented the movie "The Social Network", which one would think has language issues just be…