What’s In A Name?

    One night, before Christmas, the family was gathered at the dinner table enjoying the usual crazieness we call dinnertime. In the background Christmas music sang out from the stereo in the living room.

The song that was playing was Celine Dions' "The Magic Of Christmas Day", and at the time I wasn't able to remember her name. Mini Buns, my 10 year old, who is a music buff inasmuch as he can't help but sing…umm…. always, was sitting next to me.

Trying to remember the name of the singer, I turned to Mini Buns and asked, "Hey, Buddy, who sang the Titanic?" He looked at me with a rather puzzled look and responded, "Um Dad, it was an ICEBERG!"

Laughing at the realization of what just took place, I said "Not who SANK the Titanic, who SANG the Titanic!" Without hesitation he responded, "I know Dad, that's what I said; Ann Iceberg."


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