Mutton Honey!

Last weekend I took Mini Buns to his friend's house for a birthday party. His friend's parents and I are acquaintances from school and Cub Scouts and they were gracious enough to invite me to stay as well. I'm happy about that too because it was a barbeque, and I'm always down for a good barbeque.

I was introduced to the whole family, both sets of Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, everyone. It took about ten minutes before the entire clan made me feel like part of the family. In a matter of minutes I was included in all of the conversations, and food and drink offers were flying at me from every direction.

I learned that one of the Granddads, Artie, made his own wine. I also learned that Artie, who is Italian, makes Arrosticini. Arrosticini, I soon found out, are traditional BBQ lamb skewers. I also soon found out that they are absolutely one of the best foods I have ever eaten off of a grill. While the skewers themselves are only four inches long and very small cubes, they have some of the biggest flavor I have ever eaten.

Mini Buns was eating them hand over fist. He abandoned the usual hot dogs and cheeseburgers for the delectable mini morsels on a stick. He later informed me that he ate "about 10 or 15" of them. I didn't want to admit to anyone that I probably doubled that amount (but hey, they ARE small). In my defense, Artie kept handing them to me, almost forcing me to eat them. And as any good guest would do, I obliged him.

The one thing that surprised me the most was the fact that Mini Buns was eating lamb. It turns out he didn't know he was eating lamb, he thought it was beef. When we got home and started telling the rest of the family about the Arrosticini, (we talked about the party too) I informed him that it was lamb, not beef as he had suspected. He was telling My Beautiful Wife, "We had Arrosticini's. They were beef shish kabob thingy's and they were the best ever!" I said, "You know Buddy they weren't beef, they were lamb." He looked at me, said "Oh, well they were still the best ever."

He's right, they are still the best ever.


  1. Great post! gotta admit i love a good BBQ myself and they sound absolutly amazing!
    And not to mention your boy, i have one of here myself who hated burgers until his Hot Dog was finished one day and he wanted more, unfortunatly we were all out so he decided that he would eat his mums burger instead, all of a sudden burgers are the best thing in the world to him lol.


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