Raisin’ The Bar-beque

The good folks at the California Raisin Marketing Board contacted me a few weeks back and asked if I would be interested in trying out a recipe for a grilling sauce. Being an avid griller and always looking for new and exciting recipes, I accepted.

The recipe they sent was the Raisin Chipotle Grilling Sauce . When I looked at the recipe the first thing that came to mind was how simple it looked. Add some ingredients to a pot, simmer for a while, and blend? Sounded pretty easy to me, and it was that easy. The most difficult part of the entire recipe for me was finding tomatillos. It did take me a little longer because I also made my own simple barbeque sauce as well. One of the best things about this sauce is I know exactly what is going into it.

I have made the sauce a few times now, adjusting the hotness for the little ones, and we are quite happy with it. The first time I made it I followed the recipe to the letter, using 2 chipotles. While I enjoyed it immensely, the rest of the family, not having flame retardant mouths, found it too spicy.

My oldest son, who is the biggest steak sauce eater in the house, commented that the cinnamon was too prevalent and once he tasted it, it was all he could taste. There is so little cinnamon in there I didn't think anyone would even notice. I KNEW it was in there and only tasted a hint of it.

After trial and error and altering the ingredients to taste, we are all in agreement of the final product. I have eliminated the cinnamon for my son, and cut back to 1 small chipotle for those who are less tolerant of heat, and everyone is happy. It is an awesome accompaniment for steaks and I am looking forward to trying it on barbeque chicken.

When I went to the recipe website I was pleased to see that you can alter the number of servings and it will automatically update the quantities in the recipe and that allowed me to make a smaller batch of the hotter sauce for myself. Each recipe has the nutritional values listed as well. I was also amazed at how many recipes are offered by the California Raisin Marketing Board. There are literally hundreds of raisin recipes ranging from main dishes to kid friendly foods.

Stay tuned for more because I will definitely be trying some of those recipes.


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