The New Heaven On A Plate

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about the Zagat's Food Truck Frenzy. In that blog I had mentioned the La Cense burger and commented that it was "Heaven on a Plate".

Tonight was Cheddar Buns' class appreciation night at school for the parents. There was music, crafts, yearbook signings and the like. There were drinks and snacks, and one of the parents brought in a chocolate fountain.

That brought appreciation to a whole new level for Cheddar Buns. If you were to ask my little girl what her 5 top food choices were, chocolate would be at least the top 4.

The PTA had put up a bulletin board with blank cards to fill out for the kids thanking parents and teachers for all they've done. Most were the generic "Thanks for feeding me", or "Thanks for being my teacher". Cheddar Buns had written "I appreciate you because: You Love Me!", and to her teacher: "Thank you Mr. Grace for being the best teacher EVER!". I could see just from those cards she would be a linguistical genius just like her dear old Dad.

On the snack table amongst the cookies, brownies and pound cakes, someone had brought in chocolate lava cakes. I don't know if I mentioned this before but Cheddar Buns L-O-V-E-S chocolate. When they made the announcement that the chocolate fountain was open, she made a mad dash to the snack table, grabbed a chocolate lava cake and proceeded to fill the top of the cake with chocolate from the fountain.

Around the chocolate fountain were various dipping delights such as marshmallows, Oreos, strawberries, banana, and the like. As Cheddar Buns filled here lava Cake with chocolate I commented to her that she should complain because there weren't any chocolate bars to dip in the chocolate. She smiled at me like "yeah right, Dad" but I know she was really thinking, "hmmm, chocolate dipped chocolate bars, eh".

You could see the joy in her eyes as she devoured the chocolate creation. As I watched her eating the chocolate covered, chocolate filled, chocolate cake, I got goosebumps with every bite. And all the while I was thinking to myself, "I'm going to get bumped off of the appreciation wall by the lady that brought the chocolate fountain!"

As she passed by me on the way back for seconds, she looked up at me, and referring to my previous post said, "Now Dad, THIS is Heaven on a Plate!"


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