It’s Not Funny

My number 3 child, my son Mini Buns, is afflicted with pretty bad allergies. As such, he often has a difficult time breathing, especially when he is trying to do things like eat. When his allergies are at their worst he sometimes has to pause his chewing, and sometimes chews with his mouth open just to prevent himself from passing out. Since the idea of him passing out face first into his plate leaves much to be desired, we have chosen not to hound the child about eating with his mouth open, opting for the subtle reminder on occasion.

My oldest son, Sour dough, has not quite gotten to the point of forgiveness when it comes to watching his little brother eat across from him with the half chewed morsels in plain view. Not that I can blame Sour Dough as he IS right in the line of fire.

The other night as we were enjoying our delicious dinner of Pork Loin and Mashed Potatoes, Mini Buns began first with a slight heavy breathing with each chew. Before long it was straight up chewing with the mouth open and a deep breathe with every couple of chomps.

 Sour Dough, after trying to talk over the gasping and mouth breathing, began to yell at the poor child for chewing with his mouth open. "STOP IT!" he yelled. "Nobody wants to see your food while you're eating! Chew with your mouth closed!"

My Beautiful Wife and I tried to quell his yelling at the child sitting across from him with his sad puppy dog eyes. "It isn't his fault," we said "he can't breathe while he's chewing because of his allergies." Sour Dough was not interested in explanations. He continued scolding and then laughing at Mini Buns for a few more minutes until, from the other side of the table, came the smallest voice of reason.

 Sticky Buns, my youngest son said, "Stop yelling at him! And stop laughing at him too! It isn't nice to laugh at someone just because they are trying not to DIE!!"

It's hard to argue with logic like that.


  1. Aloha from an avid reader of your blog and a lousy comment poster of all blogs I read.

    I too have a son that is afflicted with pretty bad allergies. He gets away with all sorts of weird behavior as a result of allergic reactions or strong medication side effects.

    But I don't think any has been as funny as your dinner moment :)

    Glad you can find the lighter side of allergies and glad you have such a great voice of reason in your household!

    Toddlers have some of the best logic.


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