The Bottomless Cup

There is a great franchise in the U.S. that has taken off over the last few years called
Panera Bread. I started going to Panera a few years ago when they first opened a bakery-café, as they call their stores, near my job on Long Island in New York.

  Recently they opened a few stores near my home in Westchester, which made me quite happy because Panera just happens to make THE best Cinnamon Raisin bread in all the land. Besides the cinnamon bread, they make awesome sandwiches and pastries, and one of my favorite items the soufflé.

 The coffee at Panera rivals that of Dunkin Donuts or even, in my opinion, Starbucks. Being an avid coffee drinker, I often have Panera coffee, and recently on a few occasions, I have begun to notice changes in the Panera coffee cups. Over the past few months my Panera coffee cups have been leaking from the bottom. 

  Now normally I wouldn't be mentioning this on such a grand scale as to write a blog about it, but this was not a one time occurrence. Nor did it happen on a few occasions. The last four or five times I've gotten coffee at Panera, my cup has leaked from the bottom. On two occasions I got new cups which also leaked. I now ask them to double the cup each time I go in just so I don't have to go back before I leave to get a new cup. 

  I don't know what is causing this phenomena, I only know that if I don't double up I will be wearing Panera coffee stains for the rest of the day. I have drawn a few conclusions of my own and here are my most popular theories: 

 1. Panera has gone green and begun using water soluble glue on their cups. If this is the case I would like this to be official notification to the execs at Panera that it isn't working.
  2. Panera has begun a new promotion for the Panera Bottomless cup of coffee. Again, to the execs, you are taking this a little too literally. A bottomless cup of coffee actually DOES HAVE A BOTTOM. It is a figure of speech meaning FREE REFILLS, not an actual cup with no bottom.

  Now obviously you can all see I am just having fun at Panera's expense. I really do Love Panera coffee and while I actually have had these issues with the cups, my theories, like the cups, just don't hold water.


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