Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

The local supermarket had one of those 10 for $10 sales this week. I decided to take advantage of this so I went and got 10 of every item I NEEDED. I say needed like that because I'm not one of these folks that gets 10 of everything on sale just because it's on sale. If I don't need it or I'm not going to use it in a relatively short period of time, I don't buy it.

One of the items I picked up that night was cheese. Blocks of New York extra sharp cheddar, sharp cheddar and mild cheddar; ten of them. There was so much cheese I feared a rodent uprising. Ok, I'm exaggerating a little, but there was a lot of cheese. Let it be known that there is no shortage of cheese hounds, as my Pop-Pop (Grandpa) used to say, in this house. As a matter of fact the cold cut of choice among my brood is cheese; cheese sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese panini's, cheese wraps…..you get the idea.

The night of the great cheese flood, if you will, happened to be the first night that Mini Buns and Sticky Buns were to try to eat semi solid foods since the extraction of the glandular miscreants, or tonsillectomies, the week before. Sticky Buns had made a request earlier in the week, after being let down with the steak request, to have ravioli and meatballs as his first meal of solid foods. Being the kind parents that we were and I, feeling tremendous guilt for sending my littlest prize possessions onto the chopping block, decided to honor his request.

One of the staples My Beautiful wife chose to have along with our ravioli and meatballs was sliced mozzarella cheese in Daddy dip (Good Seasons Italian Dressing). One of my children, who will remain nameless because I don't want to embarrass them although I should, had a full out fit because he/she (for anonymity) couldn't have extra sharp cheese with dinner. The level of anger over what type of cheese we had with dinner was absolutely astounding.

I'm sure some of you are saying, "gee, you had more cheese in the house than one could chase down Cooper's Hill, so why wouldn't you let the poor child have some?" Well let me fill you in on my reasoning. 1. The tantrum can never win 2. The tantrum can never win.

And for those of you that subscribe to my late Daddy's reasoning, 3. Because I said so.


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