The Tonsillectomy and The Ninja

I am down two kids at the dinner table since Monday, the day of the double tonsillectomy, so I have to discuss things other than dinner for a few days. I do, however, have a dinner (or food) related story to share with you today.

As you may have read in my last post two of my four children had tonsillectomies the other day. That's half of my kids folks. To top it off, the two older ones have been tag teaming the sore throats and fevers. I'm beginning to think we took the wrong ones. So as it goes my Mother in Law, whom is here to help out, my wife and I and MAYBE one other kid at the dinner table do not make super interesting dinner stories. Just not enough action for this house, if you know what I mean. I did make a DE-licious Beef Barley Soup, which I'll leave the recipe for in the recipe section.

No, this blog is about yet another of my favorite new gadgets. My wife says I'm addicted to kitchen gadgets but I say no, I'm addicted to GOOD kitchen gadgets. This gadget came to me from Santa Clause because I wanted a new Food Processor. You see, my Mom in Law years back had given me her La Machine, and if you are my age you remember the La Machine, If you are from the computer generation you just think I'm trying my hand at French. Well Santa brought me a brand spanking new NINJA food processor. I say food processor because I don't know what else to call it; it's more like a crossover than a food processor (think Honda Crosstour- you just really don't know what it is).

The NINJA, while being hard to define, is about the best chopping, blending, mixing thingy I've ever seen. Let me give you a few for instances: This morning I made the boys the creamiest mashed potatoes ever, we have been making milk shakes out the wazoo, I even blended my little guys Italian ice to make it smoother for him. I also use it every day when I cook; it chops the onions and garlic so fine the kids don't even know it's in the food, I mix my eggs, onion, garlic and spices when I make meatballs, the uses are limitless.

The NINJA I got, The Master Prep Set, came with the small cup, the pitcher and their respective lids, and the NINJA motor. While this is plenty for the basic kitchen, I am very much looking forward to trying their other products.

Oh, by the way, it's much safer to use than my cheese grater, but that's a story for another day.


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