On A Fin And A Prayer

Last night My Beautiful Wife was bringing Cheddar Buns home from her Girl Scout ice skating gig. She decided to stop at the grocery store to pick up something for dinner. When she called to inquire as to what I would like, we chose fish. Fish is a good choice because none of the kids except Cheddar Buns would be eating dinner with us, and none of them like fish.

It actually doesn't matter that they don't like fish because when I cook fish I also cook chicken for the kids. What they don't know is fish tastes just like chicken. Ok, I'm joking; I wanted to see if you were paying attention. Fish tastes nothing like chicken.

I have, in the past, almost always gotten my fish from one of those big wholesale clubs because it was prepackaged in servings and you could just take out what you need. The problem was it was frozen. Frozen fish is a pain to cook; you have to take it out of the package, defrost it on paper towel or some sort of rack to keep it out of the moisture, pat it dry which is actually basically ringing it out, etc, etc. No matter what you do to it there is a good chance it will come out, how can I put this, like cooked frozen fish.

So for something completely different I asked My Beautiful Wife to pick up some FRESH fish. After a brief back and forth with the fish monger about fresh vs previously frozen she came home with a few pounds of the nicest FRESH cod I have ever seen. Those who really know me know that good food and good ingredients make me happy. This fish made me happy.

The texture was like I remembered fish should be from growing up in New Orleans where fresh fish was a common staple. It wasn't water logged like the frozen stuff I'll never use again from the wholesale club. I couldn't wait to cook it.

I cooked it the way I usually do, a pass through the dredging station and fried in olive oil, but alas, it wasn't rubbery and chewy like the frozen stuff. It was flakey, moist, it was fishy heaven.

Brötchen, who was seated at the head of the table and commenting on something that was apparently said at the table (I was in another place with the fish, so I missed it), exclaimed "oh my God!". Returning from my fishy wonderland and hearing "COD" I said " I know fresh is so much better!"


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