Are You Going To Drink That Steak?

I hate to harp on something or beat a dead horse or whatever you want to call it but todays post is yet again about my little guys, Mini Buns and Sticky Buns, and their medical affliction.

It has been 5 full days since the tonsils came out, and while my wife and I are enjoying the eerie quiet around the house the suffering the little guys are enduring is painful to watch. The Doc warned us that as the healing began the pain would be worse for them, probably around days 4 through 7. Boy did he call that one. It has been a long time since the Mrs. and I had to get up in the wee hours for sobbing children. The limit on the pain medication is 4 doses in 24 hours so the nights are basically med free.

The last 2 nights have been basically sleep free as well. The poor little guys tag team waking up and sleeping like a pair of pro wrestlers. That unfortunately leaves my wife and I feeling like we just got hit with a metal chair.

The days do, however, provide a little levity though. Small glimpses of their sense of humor coming back here and there even though the punchlines are not quite the same when they write them down on a piece of paper or try to spell it out in hand signals.

It appears that the endless ice cream and pudding train is proving to be a bit much. While delicious and soothing to be sure, apparently it isn't as filling as one might hope. We started making them shakes with Bananas, ensure, yogurt and ice cream which they seem to find a little more filling.

Still I think that the tummies must not be filling up though. Sticky Buns, my littlest man, who can't speak aloud because of the pain asked yesterday for a steak.

Somehow a steak shake just doesn't sound that appealing.


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