Face- Off

I have, on occasion been accused of being a clown, childish, a nut, and even afflicted with adult onset A.D.D. One of the reasons for this is, well, that's how I act. One can often find me quoting funny movie lines, telling jokes, or one of my favorite past times, making silly (or stupid) faces.

The other night while eating dinner, for no apparent reason, (maybe this is the reason I'm told I have A.D.D.), I dried my gums and stuck my upper lip to my gums exposing my teeth, kind of zombie like. Everyone chuckled as they usually do and then my beautiful children, all four of them, started with the most amazing array of facial deformations I have ever seen. Jim Carey would have been proud.

My sweet, angelic little girl, whom I regard as one of the most beautiful creatures ever to grace the planet, turned into the equivalent of Quasimodo in the bell tower. My boys, my handsome boys, made faces that I can only describe as, well let's just say not so handsome. My oldest son, tall and handsome, became a cross between Mr. Bean and a Spore creature. Oh yes, they even got up and pranced around the kitchen and dining room like this.

My two little guys, not to be outdone, joined in the fun as well. They began stretching, twisting and manipulating the flesh of their heads to new and exciting shapes. Their manipulations were a little less complex than their older siblings, but impressive none the less. I expect with age and a little practice they will be pro's in no time.

I guess the nuts really don't fall far from the tree.


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