An Egg-cellent Substitute

Recently my wife developed a reaction to eggs. Not an allergy but eggs are no longer an option, at least not in the form of an egg.

This past week was her birthday week, and though the birthday week is not quite the same after 4 kids, I at least like to make her a fancy breakfast and her favorite dinner.

My dilemma came at breakfast time. I wanted to make something she doesn't usually have, and fancy-ish. What do you make for breakfast for someone who can't eat eggs? All of the fancy egg dishes were out; you know, Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, Omelette, etc. So I decided on French Toast with Sautéed Pears. I know, I know it's made with egg soaked bread but we had French Toast a few weeks ago and it seemed to go over well, so I gave it a shot.

Then I had to make it Fancy-ish, right. So I sliced up a pear, sautéed it in butter, (butter is fancy-ish), flambe'd it with Grand Marnier, (Grand Marnier is definitely fancy-ish) and topped the whole thing with powdered sugar.

I must say it looked delicious, she told me it was delicious and breakfast was a success.

Now it's time to start her favorite dinner, Egg-plant Parmagiana.

For the recipe, click the link in the article or browse "Recipes" on the right, listed in alphabetical order.


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