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God’s Perfect Food

A few nights ago while enjoying a lovely dinner with the family I started a conversation about my favorite lunch spot at work, The New York Soup Exchange. Just as the name implies their main product is, you guessed it, soup. Now it just so happens that my favorite food is soup. As a matter of fact soup is, in my opinion, God's perfect food.
That particular night for dinner we had pork chops, pasta, gravy, and green beans. Nothing fancy but I was explaining to the children that nearly anything could be made into a soup, including tonight's dinner. "Anything?!" they said. "Yes" I said "anything.". "How can you make soup with gravy?" asked Croissant. I explained that you would use a gravy base for a stew.
That was when we took a turn for the worse. The soup combinations from my children that followed made me wonder briefly about the culinary prowess that my children will possess in their adulthood. A few examples were rose petals, pomegranate…