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Water, Water, Everywhere

At the HB household soda is what we call a very special occasion drink. My Beautiful wife and I find no redeeming qualities in the sugar nectar that as a child my father showed me actually does eat rust. No, we are a little more conscientious in our drinking choices. The popular choices of beverage at the HB table are milk, water and occasionally orange juice.
A little side note here for all that follow this post regularly. A few days ago I had mentioned the lack of a nickname for a certain eldest child. After much debate at the dinner table with the entire family including Brötchen, our Oma, we actually came up with nothing. The younger members of the clan, and some of the older, insisted on a name with buns in it. After all that is the family name they said. So it appears that the responsibility is laid upon me to come up with just the perfect name for the young man. I have decided that since he is a pre-teen and coming into manhood, I will respect his wishes and not try to embarrass…