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I Love Your Outfit

As I have mentioned before my Profession actually has nothing to do with cooking. By trade I am an Air Traffic Controller and as such, at least for the last three years, I have been required to wear what my employer refers to as "business casual" attire. Basically that was pants that were not made of denim, collared shirts and no athletic shoes of any kind, basically.
I am not one who enjoys wearing ANY of the aforementioned items, so almost every day I would walk into the house and my first task, after greeting the family of course, was to get into something more comfortable (no, not that kind of comfortable). I'm talking about jeans, a tee shirt and sneakers people. Then depending on the amount of time my commute took and what time I strolled into the house, I would usually go into the kitchen throw a towel on my shoulder and begin the evening's dinner. The towel on the shoulder is a little trick I use in lieu of an apron for wiping my hands or utensils. (Always mak…