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We Have Debris!!

One thing I always marvel at is a child's palate. It doesn't matter how well you try to hide something in food they almost always find it. I mean I suppose you could puree all of your ingredients before you put them into your recipe but who has the time or patience to do that? Not me. So I just chop my onions as fine as I can, only use the spices that don't leave black specks in the food, and never, ever let them see little green leafy things.
Earlier this week I made lasagna. It was a nice lasagna with sausage that was left over from a pasta dinner a few nights earlier. Of course, Sticky Buns, my youngest doesn't like sausage which created challenge number one. I chopped the sausage kind of small because there were only about four links left and I wanted it to be spread somewhat evenly throughout the dish. I know that a larger slicing of the sausage would have been easier to pick out of the lasagna, but I went smaller. That made it a little more time consuming but he m…