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The Biggest Meatball

One of my favorite dishes to make, partly because the kids will eat it without a fuss, is pasta with meatballs. I like to experiment with the ingredients but for the most part my recipe has been the same for years. For starters I use ground turkey. Not ground turkey breast because that doesn't have a high enough fat content and you end up with very dry meatballs. I like a lot of onions in my meatballs which is a problem since the kids won't eat them if they know there are onions in there. The trick is a very very fine chop on the onions. That way when they cook, the onions cook down and soften and are virtually undetectable.

I make my own pasta sauce as well. If everyone realized how quick and easy it was to make your own sauce minus the salt and sugar content of the jarred sauce, I'm convinced the sauce companies would have gone out of business a long time ago. (Sorry guys) To make a good sauce takes literally minutes to do and it tastes great. My secret is Tuttorosso crus…