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Welcome to my Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog.

From this day forth I want to share with all of you that most enjoyable of all family rituals, dinner time.

My name is Jim, but for our little gathering here you can call me Daddy Hot Buns. While I think that I absolutely deserve the title, I cannot take credit for it. My lovely wife of nearly 20 years crowned me with that moniker.

I would like to start off with a little background about myself that you will soon find is necessary to understand a lot about what goes on at dinner time in the Hot Buns household. I am a father of four lovely children (they get that from their mother obviously) ages 6 to 12, perfectly spaced. By profession I am a 20 year veteran Air Traffic Controller. My major at home contribution to my family is that of chief cook. I like to leave bottle washer to someone else. Quite often my lovely mother in law (I guess that is where my wife gets it) is at the Hot Buns dinner table as well.

I have no training in cooking except for my many cre…