Say What?

Well tonight dinner went quite smoothly all things considered. The menu was Steak with sautéed onions and mushrooms, macaroni and cheese and cauliflower. Nothing earth shattering but the kids are all happy with a good steak and some Mac-n-cheese. The cauliflower was fun, as is any veggie the kids don't like because like I said, they have to at least try it. My eight year old, I'll call him Mini Buns because he is often referred to as my mini me, tried the cauliflower and actually told us it hurt. "It hurts?!!" I asked. "Yes" he said, "it hurts." Ok then. I didn't know cauliflower could actually hurt, but now I know. I guess I'll get the less painful kind next time.

With the food drama behind us we begin our usual round of,"how was your day?" That is where My Beautiful Wife, (she likes it when I call her that), and I attempt to have a family conversation. I say attempt because I can't actually recall the last time we made it around the table. Now just yesterday My Beautiful Wife and I were telling the kiddies about our once upon a time trip to Universal Studios. It was long ago before we had children and we had gone to the attraction where they show you how T.V. shows are made using Foley artists and background noises. The folks at Universal sat a bunch of people in a studio and explained how a restaurant scene would be filmed with background noises.

One group would simply keep repeating the phrase, "I like eggs and bacon, I like eggs and bacon." Another group, which was my group had the best phrase, in my opinion, which was, "Ooh Walla walla walla, Ooh walla walla walla.". Another group would sit with a glass and fork and just keep clanking them together. You get the idea. Well about halfway around the table, and I am not making this up, my family turned into a restaurant scene from Murder She Wrote and all I heard for about five minutes was……..

Ooh Walla walla walla, Ooh walla walla walla……..

The amazing thing is My Beautiful Wife and I are able to decipher the Ooh walla walla wallas and the I like eggs and bacons and figure out what exactly the kiddies are trying to say.


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